Why does good copywriting matter for business?



Boring leads to snoring

Call me old-fashioned, but my heart sinks every time I encounter sloppy grammar, blatant spelling errors, bland statements, formulaic blog posts, and boring news online – and I know I’m not the only one.

Unbelievably, much of this terrible copy is often juxtaposed with the guarantee of a professional service. The very worst offenders make this promise whilst also spelling “professional” incorrectly.

This breath-taking irony could not be more profound. Would you trust a lawyer or a web designer who can’t even be bothered to use a spell-checker?

fixing unprofessional website copy
Hire me! I'm dead proffesional ?
perfect your website copy
This applies to both good and bad website copy...

Be remembered for all the right reasons

Such catastrophic errors can be avoided by hiring someone who is able to convey your message with simplicity, clarity, and precision; someone who excels at writing captivating and compelling copy. In other words, a professional copywriter.

Whether you’re running an existing business or launching a new project, you’ll need to find the right words to communicate effectively and professionally with customers and partners.

This involves carrying out an honest and objective appraisal of your website and other marketing content, from your ideal customer’s perspective.

Explain, describe, assure, persuade, convert

As you do this, you should ask yourself whether your website, brochures, social media channels and other marketing materials:

• clearly explain and describe your product, service or idea to consumers / audiences;

• assure potential customers that you are able to solve their problem or satisfy their needs;

• persuade potential customers that you are the best person or business to supply what they need;

• instill a sense of trust and reassurance in you, your business, and your offer;

• include clear and prominent calls-to-action;

• successfully convert your website visitors into satisfied paying customers or investors.
Identify a problem; offer a solution.

Words can make or break a business.

Do you know how to reach YOUR target customer / audience?

The best copywriters

The best copywriters will always write with your target customer in mind, crystallising your central message, clearly and concisely.

The best copywriters understand that, while your marketing copy needs to be easy to understand, it also needs to be engaging, creative, persuasive, informative, reassuring, confident, professional and original.

The best copywriters are able to express your brand’s unique voice consistently, across all marketing channels.

The best copywriters know how to implement techniques that will compel consumers to take the desired action.

The best copywriting is effortless to read, but not so easy to write!

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